Video Game From Jus Daze – The Adventures of the Bowlegged Bandit



Fresh off the heels of Jus Daze’s recent release Walk Twice As Hard, currently free over on, Daze gives fans the opportunity to join him on a wild ride with The Adventures of the Bowlegged Bandit.  Once you play, you’ll be determined to “Walk Twice As Hard” to try to beat the game’s five levels.  Although it’s not the usual music you have come across here on NHWWW, it’s entertaining & fun none the less.

Album: Jus Daze – Walk Twice As Hard

What makes Jus Daze different is the fact that he’s a handicapped rapper who “jumped” into Battle Rap with a noticeably big disadvantage and managed to win not based off of a gimmick, but stemmed from legit rhyme and reason.  The album contains a special guest feature from former WWE Intercontinental Champion MVP as well as production from all over the world including France, Canada, Sweden, the United States, & many more.

Track: Jus Daze ft. MVP and Devo D – I Made It


After almost a year of the initial announcement of Walk Twice As Hard and several months of dropping solid consecutive tracks, Jus Daze unveils the complete body of work for Walk Twice As Hard.  To celebrate the artist’s birthday and release date this week, Daze has given us another free single off the album. This cut isn’t just any single though. The song “I Made It” features former WWE Champion MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter), fresh young talent Devo D, and production from Mighty Fuzz Young & Richie Beretta.

Track: Jus Daze – Comfort of Comforters

As we approach the release of Walk Twice As Hard, Jus Daze keeps old fans and new listeners entertained and informed with more than just Hip Hop, but logic of actuality that everyone can relate to.  Daze says he dreams to “enjoy the comfort of comforters in the summer” which provides the title “Comfort of Comforters”.   Walk Twice As Hard is an auto-biographical look at the life of at someone who who overcame a dramatic transformation, developing into more than just a man who can stand on his own two feet, but an exceptional  MC who truly “stands out” from the rest.

Track: Jus Daze – Superman’s Dead

“Superman’s Dead” is the second single off Jus Daze’s upcoming album Walk Twice As Hard.

“Superman’s Dead” is a story of betrayal, heartbreak, lies, trust, and personal strife, where the “World’s Strongest Superhero” meets his downfall and demise. “Superman’s Dead” is unique, because rather than rap straight-forward to deliver the message, Jus Daze conveys the story’s theme through the use of symbols, metaphors, and imagery which he narrates using a dream sequence.

By definition, every “hero” has some sort of a downfall, an “Achilles heel” per se, but Daze’s message tells us if we Walk Twice As Hard, we’ll be able to overcome them and succeed…. Jus Daze is proving he can and is.