Album: The Lost Angels – Together We Stand Alone

The Opening track sounds like some 8-bit shit and sets this release off, by far my fav joint is #4 i’ll probably puttin this shit on my personal mixtape just to jam to, well worth the download, if we had a rating system I’d give it 3.5 flashlights out of 5 if you love hiphop, then these kids are on the right path.

Together, We Stand Alone: The LP features production from Chuck Inglish (Kid Cudi, Mac Miller), J.Rawls (Black Star), and Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse, Nas). The previous singles “Angels Assemble” and “Bad Decisions” have been given enthusiastic reviews from diverse markets such as Tokyo, Japan and Paris, France.

Jimmy ValenTime X Lyrical Blades X Urban Miracle X Carlos Ferragamo = The Lost Angels

Only Available till Jan 6.

Track: The Lost Angels – Angels Assemble

“Angels Assemble” is the debut single from Brooklyn group The Lost Angels and acts as both the intro to their debut EP, Together, We Stand Alone and as a rallying cry against mediocrity.  Produced by NAMELESS, track features the EDM influence that has been taking hip-hop by storm.  Still the song is built around music from the popular video game Super Metroid, tying the song to hip-hop sampling roots.