Saigon Explains Origin Of Beef With Prodigy [VIDEO]

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New York rapper Saigon is known for spitting politically conscious rhymes just as much as he is known for having a long-simmering feud with Prodigy of Mobb Deep. After years of back and forth which resulted in Saigon famously punching Prodigy in the face while he was on stage. Now, Saigon is finally talking about the beginning of the beef and how it really had nothing to do with him in the first place.

Apparently, Saigon and Prodigy started beefing after Mobb Deep was robbed by a rapper named Tru Life. Tru Life and Saigon have been friends since they were kids and Saigon became guilty by association. After things popped off between Sai and P, Saigon says he and Prodigy talked about ending their feud by doing a song together. Those plans never panned out because Prodigy turned around and immediately started dissing Saigon in public after…

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