Basement Up – The Welcoming (Video)




This is the second video installment from the 2011 LP No Fillers.  “The Welcoming” is available for free download on the album and has also been featured on NHWWW’s WARNING Mixtape series.

Featured Artists: Allen Poe and Basement Up

Basement Up is a trio of emcees out of Frankfort, KY. The group’s name and meaning were derived from their early recording history, which started in a home basement studio and was later moved to an attic. The name is also a metaphor to signify a person’s rise from the “bottom to the top” in life situations. It is those stories of struggle and triumph along with a shared interest in music that brought the three and their talents together nearly 10 years ago.

The future of the Basement Up is one of hopeful promise, in which the group will continue their current trek of recording, performing, and self-promotion in order to spread their sound to a larger audience. Currently, the group is fresh off their newest release titled “No Fillers”, which dropped 09/09/2011. Upcoming projects include Allen Poe’s 1st studio LP and a new Basement Up EP expected to be out later in 2012.