Video: Lewnati – One Day

Buzz-worthy upcoming hip hop artist from Trenton, New Jersey, Lewnati has recently dropped the visual to his latest single, “One Day”. Innovative from start to finish, hip hop elements and cool melodies are blended to create good vibes.

Track: Eddie Grand – Who I Am

New Jersey native, the entertaining Eddie Grand brings the party wherever he goes. “Who I Am” features raw and uncut rhymes decorated with hilarious ad-libs as well as Grand’s unparalleled energy.

Track: Tru Fam – Super Paranoid

Twin brothers Sha and Just I, collectively known as New Jersey duo Tru Fam, drop the new single  “Super Paranoid”. The track opens with a warm reception of falsetto synths and a soft thudded beat, setting the scene as the smooth hip-hop styled vocals begin to tell their tale of love gone wrong.

Album: Rob Get-It and Mars – Manwhore Memoirs

Known as #FBOTnation, New Jersey based duo, Rob Get-It & Mars team up for their third joint effort Manwhore Memoirs. Featuring Jersey Club pioneer Bleszt of Brick Bandits, “Strip” has been highlighted as a fan favorite. After many setbacks and the spilling of blood, sweat and tears, find out why Manwhore Memoirs was worth the wait.

Mixtape: W!LL – Verano

Upcoming 18 year old rapper from Central New Jersey, W!LL has just released his third mixtape Verano, a project that sums up his experience throughout the summer and through his senior year leading up to it, life so far, and what’s in store for his future as he grows as an artist.  The project combines hard hitting drums with experimental samples to produce an almost psychedelic feel, mixed with W!LLs flow and lyrical content impressive for his age.  Verano was mastered by W!LL himself who has just recently got behind the mixing board of his software to find his sound.  Featuring production from Eli Saf, Rashaun, and even himself, W!LL’s current release is the next step in his audio evolution.