Track: Malachi – Seems Good Enough


So as I was searching on the internet for new music to listen to, I stumble upon this new artist named Malachi and his first project titled Seems Good Enough. When I first listened to it, I felt like my body was floating on cloud 9. On my second play-through, I could feel the music rushing through my veins. Can’t believe that this is only the beginning. Just listen below, and get ready to experience the feeling of euphoria.


Track: Malachi – Finish (Mellowshit)

Aspiring eighteen year old producer Malachi, drops his first song titled “Finish”. This is something different for most but, it is a great body of work. From what I hear in his first song, he seems to be paving the way for Alternative Hip-Hop, and many other genres. He will be releasing more music within the upcoming months, so be on the look out for more material from him. If you want to hear more music from him, check out his Soundcloud page, or follow him on twitter @mlkikkk