Track: Jay Dillinger ft. Taevin Thomas – Sleep Walking

Jay Dillinger releases his 1st single from his 2nd album titled “The Black Gatsby”. Which will drop 1/8/2014. After catching major buzz off his first album “Real World: True Story” he waisted no time getting back in the studio. With hit songs like Presidential and Thirsty gaining him over 2000 youtube subscribers he’s well on his way. Now he’s ready to get the club rocking again with his new single “Sleep Walking”. Listen to the #WavyGang creator’s new single here!


Video: Jay Dillinger – So Sweet

From Dalls, born as a military kid, Jay Dillinger has moved and lived all over the world from Las Vegas to Italy. Using these experiences of many different culture he has a style that can’t be duplicated. Pulling his inspiration from being homeless to being a starting football player in college makes his music authentic. Being completely honest with his music Jay Dillinger brings you into the ups and downs of his life. The music is sometimes controversial but always has a message.  Dillinger also has his own clothing line set to release this spring called WAVY (Wild And Visual Yungster) Cartel.