Album: Jay Elly – Foolishly Underrated

Foolishly Underrated is Jay Elly’s third released project and is by far the best.  From Lexington, Kentucky, Elly is involved in a scene that is heavy with underground talent, a growing hip hop presence and some of the toughest critiques in a non-major market.  Jay Elly has a distinct and diverse style that relies on storied lyrics and an aggressive technique over a collection of smooth beats. It creates a sound that is pleasing to the ear. What makes Jay Elly unique is his ability to “switch his flow” and the sound that he and his producer, which is also his friend, Balloonz. Many people can relate to these stories of this young emcee and it helps that Jay Elly’s was blessed with the voice of a star

Video: Jay Elly – Preview (prod. by Balloonz)

Produced by Balloonz , this is the “Preview” to the Foolishly Underrated project which is set to release on October 23rd.  While on his way to an event, Jay Elly tells a story of a summer romance that existed. visually only in his  imagination.