Track: Chox Mak – Live Life (prod. by Dr G)

Far from being done with the rap game after making a major announcement, Chox is gearing up to take over the summer with new material and visuals. About keeping it real and getting the most out of what you put in, the Dr. G produced “Live Life” gives listeners and Chox Mak something to look forward to.

Track: Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy – Night Shift [Prod. by Dr. G]


Independent artists are now taking control of their careers and making names for themselves in a big way. Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy are independent artists working to establish their name in the industry. Their latest single Night Shift has a smooth early 90’s hip-hop feel, mixed with a nice guitar sample that completes the track.  The beat smith on this production was brought by common collaborator Dr.G out of Manchester,UK. Peep the track below.



Track: Chox-Mak + Henny Tha Brain – In Yo Face (prod. by Dr. G)

 “In Yo Face”, a hard hitting track that has no hook features nothing but hard lyrics from Chox-Mak and his protege Henny Tha Brain takes you back to when hip hop was really about having lyrics and making music with substance.  Dr.G, the master beat smith behind the production, went all out for Chox and Henny to paint the lyrical picture.  Definitely keep an eye out for a full project from Chox-Mak and Henny Tha Brain in the near future.

Track: Chox-Mak ft. DJ YRS Jerzy – Final Destination (prod. by Dr. G)


The Dr. G produced “Final Destination” from Chox-Mak & DJ YRS Jerzy symbolizes hard work and dedication and that it truly takes teamwork to make the dream work. Final Destination is symbolic in stating that the pair has been through so much and now are finally seeing progress in their careers and being able to enjoy the fruits of labor.  Thanking the fans, bloggers and media personalities for supporting them through this journey, there will be a lot more coming from Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy in the future as they are just getting started.

Track: DJ YRS Jerzy ft. Chox-Mak – Pimp Musik

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak have begun to take the internet by storm with everything they have been doing from music to interviews.  Their consistency has caught the eye of some folks in the industry that have the potential to make or break their careers.  This new single produced by Dr. G out of Manchester gives an old school 80’s type of feel.  The track titled “Pimp Musik” has a laid back type of vibe to it that can everyone can enjoy.

Album: Dr. G Presents | Chox-Mak – Audio Murder (Hosted by DJ YRS Jerzy)

Brought to you by  Crunk Atlanta And PromoteWho.Com, Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy have teamed up with UK producer DR. G for the new 4 track EP Audio Murder.  Chox is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising talents in North Carolina & has given his fans something to look forward to once again.  Chox-Mak will be dropping many more projects in the near future, keep an eye out for what the future has in store for Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy.