Album: Revolttw – Awakening exp. 01(Instrumental)


A collective of beatmakers from Taiwan, Revolttw features DJ Sapien from Pragmatic Theory as well as Luviia from the Darker Than Wax label.  The debut EP Awakening exp. 01 also features sounds from D.J. Kool Klone, GoodieK, as well as several other Taiwanese artists.

Album: Pragmatic Theory Presents – Horizions

I was skimming through submissions and came across this one and as like DAMN!  This is WELL worth the download, sounds like Dilla meets the new AGE if you like to just chill out listen to beats you definitely won’t be disappointed @trillgatesbeats

Horizons’ includes some of the most talented beat makers from around the globe, featuring tracks from :
B.Lewis, Opal Block, Dead Horse Beats, Fresh Kils, Chief, Prozak Morris, BoomBaptist, Ta-ku, iLLingsworth, Sir Froderick, Ackryte, Dailon, Blap Deli, Amin Payne, BlackSmith, S.F.T, Weirddough, Twit One, Wun Two, Bugseed, Jewbei, Question, Robot Orchestra, Miles Bonny, Rhythum, Keor Meteor, Psymun, Es-k, Six Fingerz, Snubluck, Abnormal, Ben Bada Boom, Constrobuz, Brock Berrigan, Melodiesinfonie, Handbook, Knowsum, DJ Sapien, ShainCaw & Haan808.

This release is completely free. We hope you listen, download & enjoy.

Album: Pragmatic Theory: Euphonic Elements (Instrumental)



Pragmatic Theory is a collective of talented beat makers from around the world.  Euphonic Elements contains sounds from Melodiesinfonie, Chief, Khryo, Ben Bada Boom, Repeat Pattern, Kaligraph E, Josef Blo, ChromadaData, ILLingsworth, Rez, Snubluck, Dj Sapien, Stikz, Sixfingerz, Imagined Herbal Flows, Glyphick, BudaMunk, Broke, Weirddough, Keor Meteor, Adjaman, Aspie, Languid, Artonius, Dead Horse Beats, Floyd Cheung, Ikabod Bum, 7even Sun, dєεßiό & more.