News: Cassidy Takes Another Shot At Meek Mill With “Dopest Out”


I honestly forgot about this whole thing.  Apparently Cassidy did not.  The Philly MC puts the screws to Meek one more time while claiming to be the “Dopest Out”.  Will there be a response?

Track: Cassidy – R.A.I.D.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple months, you know all about the beef between Philly hip-hop artists Cassidy and Meek Mill.  The two have sparred on Twitter and exchanged a couple diss tracks on wax (including Me, Myself, And My iPhone and Repo), then the MMG star took things to the next level by posting a picture with Cass’s mother.  We may have believed that was the knockout blow and this feud was over as soon as it started.  We were wrong.  Last night Cassidy blasted back with a 10 minute track called “R.A.I.D” (Robert Ass Is Dead) going in on Meek Mill.  Cass claims to have helped Mill write, calls him out for biting others’ style & so much more.  1o minutes…. Did Cassidy get redemption?  You be the judge.

Meek Mill Posts A Pic With Cassidy’s Mom



As you may know, Meek Mill and Cassidy have been going at each other on Twitter for a while now and have exchanged a couple diss tracks aimed toward each other, including “Me, Myself, And My iPhone” and “Repo“.


Now Meek Mill has taken the feud to the next level by posting a pic of himself with Cassidy’s mother.  The date of when the picture was actually taken is unknown, but if recent this is a shot that some may call a low blow.  What do you think?


The Elite Money Empire: Cassidy Interview

The Elite Money Empire interviews Cassidy who speaks about his new music and current situation.  Cassidy states “He’s ready to get it poppin” with Meek Mill and that the MMG rapper would not accept Cassidy’s challenge. He also reveals if he’d battle any other rapper that would want to.