Track: Caliobzvr ft. Harn SOLO, Alfred Banks, Strategy – Live Show

Previously unreleased, “Live Show” from Caliobzvr boasts an appearance from frequent collaborator Harn SOLO who delivers a catchy hook. Along with Alfred Banks, Strategy also gets his mic time in over his own throwback production.

Album: Solo and Cali – The Experiment


West coast natives Harn SOLO and Caliobzvr combine their progressive efforts on the six-song EP The Experiment.  The Experiment reflects a strong musical bond that was forged between the pair while performing in New Orleans with producer extraordinaire Pro Prospek.  Anyone familiar with the work of Harn SOLO and Caliobzvr will not be surprised to find “experimental” concepts behind the creation of this project.  The Experiment builds on their creative momentum enlisting featured producers Crescent Kingz and Dreaux Beats. Their new school approach to making music is chemically balanced with the lyrical prowessness of emcees from the golden era of hip-hop.