Track: Chox Mak – Patience (prod. by Bunty Beats)



Chox-Mak is by far one of the hardest working up and comers in the underground hip hop scene.  Also one of the most versatile, Chox-Mak is making music for the soul. He is able to switch up and take on all different types of hip hop as you will hear when you listen to his release “Patience” produced by Bunty Beats.  “Patience” is the first single off of their collaboration project Balance which will be dropping exclusively on Audiomack.

Track: Bunty Beats + Chox Mak – Bound

Chox-Mak is flooding the market rapidly with project after project with his recent “Mak Attack Mondays” series.  He is back again with another single titled “Bound” which was switched up by Bunty Beats from Kanye West’s recently released single. This single Chox-Mak tells a deep story of his personal life to keep that relationship with his fans. Many in the industry are starting to get familiar with Chox-Mak and his movement “90’s Flow” which is a camp just trying to bring quality music back.  Be on the lookout for a new EP from North Carolina’s Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats, residing in Scotland.

Album: Bunty Beats + Chox Mak – Life After Def EP

Bunty Beats and Chox-Mak have been working together for a while now dropping classic projects such as “Boom Bap”.   Now they bring you the Life After Def EP available on iTunes.  Many of Chox-Mak’s fans have stated that this is one of his greatest projects.  There is even speculation that he will resurrect the Boom Bap era and even bring a bigger hip hop scene to North Carolina.  Keep looking for Chox-Mak on the upcoming World Wide mixtape as well as his future work, he defiantly has the potential go down in history one day.