Track: REZthaPoet – I Am

Nigerian artist REZthaPoet has released a new Stormatique-produced spoken-word track about identity and the celebration of heritage. Spoken in three languages: English, Yoruba, and Pidgin, “I Am” is the lead single from the upcoming EXPOSIT Deluxe Edition album

Track: Amana Melomé – Lock and Key (Contributed by K. Nikki)

My appreciation for jazzy vocals and lofty tones has been growing for the last couple of months due in part to music like this.

Soul/Jazz artist Amana Melome has released her lead single off her dually titled EP called Lock and Key, a track reminiscent of such artists as Corinne Bailey, Norah Jones and a little Estelle. As soon as the beat started, my body caught it, teleporting me to back to the 90’s for 3 minutes as I executed my best “Carlton Dance”. Not proud to admit that, but the point is the beat, wrapped in the sultry harmony of Amana, takes ahold of you, brings you on a funky, soulful ride through the clouds, and drops you back to the ground waiting for the next venture. Can’t wait to go on another voyage, i.e. patiently waiting for the EP.

– Contributed by @KNikkiMB

Track: J.O. – The Letter/The Last Song

A very talented artist, J.O. of the steam-gaining Neighburrrhood stands out on the double sided “The Letter/The Last Song”.  From Chattanooga, J.O. breaks listeners off with a 2 for 1 that starts off as what struck me at first listen was something that would be more at home in an episode of Def Poetry jam than on the pages of NHWWW.  J.O.’s sole description of the effort only states “Through pain, comes poetry,” and that is all that was needed.  After “The Letter” concludes, “The Last Song” begins.  J.O. switches from the intense spoken word backed by jazzy pianos to an equally stinging ballad of sorts.  Truly a piece of art, “The Letter/The Last Song” is a beautiful, well orchestrated, attack that left me agonizing on the edge of my seat.