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Today I interview Joose from A.G.O. He gives us some information on is upcoming album, background information on his latest project titled Cruise Control, and tells us about his beginnings in A.G.O.

Where did it all start for you?

It was all a journey, as a kid I had to grow up fast. I remember going to DJ Mozaic’s crib, he was producing some music on fruity loops, that’s when I became mesmerized with music and wanted to become an artist.

Why did you decide to make music?

I wanted to give people an outlet. I feel like music is a place that you can venture to inside your brain.

How did you become affiliated with A.G.O.?

We all group up together, and went to the same high school in Michigan. We were all involved in music at young age.

How did you guys come up with the name A.G.O.?

During some early recordings with Waldo and Sango, Waldo said it in a verse so we just decided to call the group A.G.O. (Astronaut Gang)

What’s it like working together in A.G.O.?

It feels great, no stress! When they’re on stage, I get hype. It’s cool to be a fan of the people that you work with cause’ it makes you better.

Why title your project Cruise Control?

With Cruise Control, I wanted to capture my life.  I wanted to put out some good music that people could listen to, something positive.

What about your album?

I’ll be dropping random songs until the album, and then drop the single for the album.

What’s the story behind Cruise Control?

I just wanted to write music that felt good, there’s no real story. It all came naturally, just wanted to create something that felt good, so that’s what I did.  All the music we make is organic, it’s based on feeling and what we want to make.

How did you start rapping?

Well, I started signing first. I was on the varsity choir at my school. I produced R&B songs too, and I’ve written songs for other artists. It’s interesting telling people that I’m a rapper, they don’t believe me because I’m not signed yet. People forget that it’s not all about the money, you can’t just be about the money.

What’s it like working with the people on Soulection?

They’re really passionate about their music. They put their feels and souls into their music, and it makes you want to do the same with your craft, hence the song Julian.

Where did the cover art for Cruise Control come from?

I created it and did the photography for it. I’ve been working in Photoshop for 7 – 10 years, so I added all the effects and everything.

What do you mostly write about?

Life, lessons, different things that inspire me. I write depending on the song, emotions, or if I’m going through something during that time.

Check out Joose’s latest project titled Cruise Control!


Dru-Lei Interview

6007_unnamed.hugethumbToday, I interview Dru-Lei of NEU. Now that Simba has been rereleased, he gives us some information for his upcoming project titled The Golden Child, and he lets us in on some of his upcoming appearances and features. Check out his music here.

What made you want to get into music?

I was born into music, my mother is a singer at her church and my father played music all the time like; Jazz, R&B, Blues, 90’s and 80’s music. My brothers were also into music. All of that made me want to be a part of it and dive deep into the culture.

Who is one of your major influences?

Michael Jackson. Everything about him made me want to be like him. But, now it’s like I want to be better than him, or have my name mentioned in the same breath as his.

Where did the name NEU come from?

That’s really a question for Trilly Too Busy. But NEU stands for Nonchalant Enigmatic Uniqueness, we’re laid back & don’t get into the negativity that surrounds us in Jersey, we’re hard to understand cause we’re a different breed compared to the music scene of South Jersey & that’s what really makes us unique. We’re 4 geniuses that know what the dream is and we’re trying make it a reality, teamwork makes the dream work!

Why rerelease Simba?

It didn’t do the numbers that I wanted, I wanted it to be heard by more people. And I want to release something for people to listen to until The Golden Child is released.

Who are some artists that you would like to work with and why?

Lauryn Hill, if I could get her back to who she was during The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill days, I would work with her while she was like that. Another artist that I would have to choose would be Tori Kelly. She’s an amazing person, she has a great voice and she’s an amazing song-writer.

What should we expect from The Golden Child?

Great music. Different from anything that you’ve previously heard from me.

Why name your project The Golden Child?

I look at myself as “The Golden Child” because I haven’t gotten a bad review on anything I’ve done so far, so I feel like the people love me. I said a line on #IJustWannaRap “Baby girl I’m the Golden Child, I guarantee they know me now”, listening back to that line made my mind up “that’s the title, The Golden Child”

What does it take to be on song with Dru-Lei?

You just have to have the heart to ask me, right now at least. I spread love, I got nothing but love for artists so if you ask me for a feature you got it.

Are you just a rapper, producer, or an artist?

I am an Artist, I’m so much more than a rapper, I don’t just produce, and my artistry expands all the time.

Where do you see yourself within 10 in the music industry?

To be a growing legend, a fan favorite, if you think of music, Dru-Lei is one of the first names to come to mind. Nothing cliché or anything, I wanna be one of the greatest & cement my legacy.


Dru-Lei – Simba


New Jersey Native MC,Dru-Lei re-releases his 2013 EP “Simba”. The EP features fellow NEU Records label mates Keezy, Trilly Too Busy, and Nellz Kush. I’ve been listinening to this for awhile and it still sounds fresh to me from beginning to end. He and and NEU are in a league of their own, the artistry is amazing and innovative. Each track brings something new to the table, and adds something new to Hip-Hop. Be on the look out for his upcoming project titled The Golden Child. Listen below!

Track: Malachi – Seems Good Enough


So as I was searching on the internet for new music to listen to, I stumble upon this new artist named Malachi and his first project titled Seems Good Enough. When I first listened to it, I felt like my body was floating on cloud 9. On my second play-through, I could feel the music rushing through my veins. Can’t believe that this is only the beginning. Just listen below, and get ready to experience the feeling of euphoria.


Review: WUUDS – 14:41

a2231909681_2After numerous listens to this project, I decided that is should be reviewed. You see, when you find great artists like this, you cant help but to glorify and give them the the credit that they deserve. The ILLZED Culture plays his many signee displays his many talents on his latest project titled 14:41. With sounds that are psychedelic and colorful, he is able to capture the ear of any listener whether it be someone who listens to only one primary genre. I was personally amazed by the choices of drums that were used on each track, the drums to me are what pulled each song together. Drums may not be much to you guys, but to me it’s a key part in any music genre honestly. The sounds of each song are able to have a major impact on the listen and does it’s job to make sure that you memorized by each chord, drum, synth, and snare that each song has to offer. My personal favorite song would have to be the fourth track which is titled, Oh! I urge you all to take a listen to this spectacular project. Listen Below. 

Interview: Illzed Culture Founder Oliver Davis (Contributed by Yasin Ingrum)


Today I interview Oliver Davis, the founder of Illzed Cuture. His label includes various artists who are skilled in different genres of music. He breaks down the menaing of his record label and gives us details on his artists and upcoming projects. Well let me stop talking, read the interview below.

YI: When and how did the record label first get started? 

OD: It started around April time earlier this year, I’m a musician myself so at first I intended to just use ILLZED as a platform to release my music on but then people started emailing their work and it stood out to what I was used to saying so I thought fuck it let’s get a label started, we’ll get further with our talents merged together under one brand so that’s what it is.

YI: Who are some of your artists under your label, and what have they been doing so far? 

OD: We’ve got Rashaun Hampton who will be dropping ‘The American Tour’ soon, Orrin’s coming with ‘baby ep,’ Zippo Hebs has a new project ‘Wyzteria’ in the works, Lonny X with ‘Tombstone LP’ is also being worked on too, TMLOE are touring at the moment but will be releasing their next project in 2015, then myself, PRJCT94 with ‘MANSION, dreams’ also next year. Those are all our artists so look out for them as they’re all talented. As for our producers, we’ve got Zeraj Retalso who recently released ‘Phantasm’ and WUUDS who will be dropping ’14:41′ this Saturday. Our roster is extremely versatile with each signee having a completely different style to eachother.

YI: What is the process that someone has to go through to become and artist for your label? 

OD: On our website there’s a contact section which has our emails, any creative whether it’s an artist, producer, designer etc can all use these emails to send in their work. It’s sounds cliché but we do listen to all the work that is sent in, some stuff may not be replied to for whatever reason but I make sure I take notice of those who’ve taken time out of their day to show support and send in their work. As an artist apart from your craft and support, what have you got? It’s all about keeping consistent creativity and a strong core support.

YI: What made you want to have different types of music on your record label?

OD: I don’t want to limit ourselves in the wider realm of things, I want to fuse genres together, there’s very few artistic masterpieces, but I’m trying to piece together many of them with the talent on the ILLZED roster.

YI: Could you see yourself expanding the roster anytime soon?

OD: I’m always ready to strengthen the ILLZED brand, whether that’s by expanding the roster then of course if it makes sense and if the person or people are original because nowadays everyone’s a clone.

YI: Very true, that’s very true *laughs* . There’s no originality nowadays. Where do you see the label being in the next 10yrs?

OD: The top.

YI: Just to overview, do you feel like you guys work well as a team?

OD: Yes, this is more than a team. It’s a culture.

YI: So who’s next up to release a project?

OD: Check out WUUDS new EP 14:41  , It was actually released Saturday.