Video: Devine Carama – Classic Material (dir. by Unsung Hero Media)

After announcing that he will be taking off the remainder of this new year to focus on his nonprofit organization Believing In Forever Inc., Devine Carama leaves hip hop heads something to remember him by with “Classic Material”. In a package including nostalgic visuals from Unsung Hero Media, the throwback track from Carama’s latest full length release Believing In Forever was composed by France’s beat maker extraordinaire Cool FD.

“I’ve been around the indie hip hop culture for a decade now, so I often get approached by young MCs asking questions about how to get into hip hop and what their approach should be. When I wrote “Classical Material” I wanted it to serve as an “away message” this year for those young gunners while I take my brief hiatus. This song touches on everything from how to manipulate the mic cord when performing to the integrity each MC should have for the culture coming into the game. Unsung Hero matched matched performance clips perfectly with the lyrics.” – Devine Carama