Review: WUUDS – 14:41

a2231909681_2After numerous listens to this project, I decided that is should be reviewed. You see, when you find great artists like this, you cant help but to glorify and give them the the credit that they deserve. The ILLZED Culture plays his many signee displays his many talents on his latest project titled 14:41. With sounds that are psychedelic and colorful, he is able to capture the ear of any listener whether it be someone who listens to only one primary genre. I was personally amazed by the choices of drums that were used on each track, the drums to me are what pulled each song together. Drums may not be much to you guys, but to me it’s a key part in any music genre honestly. The sounds of each song are able to have a major impact on the listen and does it’s job to make sure that you memorized by each chord, drum, synth, and snare that each song has to offer. My personal favorite song would have to be the fourth track which is titled, Oh! I urge you all to take a listen to this spectacular project. Listen Below.