Who is TrillGatesBeats??


 My name is Trill Gates Beats, and I hooked up with Neighborhood Watch about a year ago, ever since then I’ve tried balancing my own personal projects and contributing to the site.

What am I known for?

Producing Killa Kyleon’s “Black History Month” and for the G4 Boyz as well as running a hiphop collective known as FLYING IRON

How do I find music to post?

A few ways  I find music to post, I’ll get email submissions (Trillgatesbeats@gmail.com) but having been a former DJ I am part of a record pool and receive records to push and break

Does everything you get submitted get posted?

The answer is NO, only about 25% of the music that’s submitted get’s posted, usually me and my partner will actually sit down and check out the artist, even if they ARE NOT well known and critique the music from beginning to end, and see how it fairs, some people don’t make it past the first 15 seconds of review it all depends.

Where Can I find you?

instagram: 1trillbastard