Album: Clark Sage – The Modest Anomaly

a2124067212_2   Artist, Clark Sage releases his project The Modest Anomaly.  “The songs have their own meaning individually however, The Modest Anomaly as a whole goes to show that it’s okay to be normal, it’s okay to be yourself, but you can’t be regular like the other people who try to be different, but really they’re  just another “different” person. You have to deviate from the norm and really ask yourself “what could I bring to the world, and of significance?” And then whatever your answer is should grant you the individuality you desire even if the rewards or credit isn’t exclusively for you..You have to become The Modest Anomaly.” – Says Clark Sage. Check out his music on Soundcloud, and for more from him, follow him on twitter @sageinloafers , Instagram @sageinloafers .