Artist Spotlight – DiV. W

What if you had to have a conversation with no sight? Could you depend on your ears to give you everything you need to comprehend what is being said? Do you trust your senses enough to steer yourself in the right direction?

This is what San Diego native DiV.W had in mind when he started on his most recent project Blinded Conversations.  The EP consists of five records filled with instruments and lyrics true to the essence of hip-hop as well as its predecessors.

After one of his performances in Macon, GA I had the opportunity to speak with DiV.W about the project. When I asked about the inspiration behind Blinded Conversations DiV.W explained, “I rap to people I don’t know and have never met. Talking about my strengths and weaknesses blindly. Never really knowing how it will be taken. I’m basically feeling my way through the hip-hop landscape.”

If you are a fan of the true hip-hop sound, Blinded Conversations will not disappoint. Make sure to check out DiV.W on Facebook and Twitter along with some of his other works at


– Contributed by Hope Alyssa @theradiantrebel