Exclusive: Interview With Chox-Mak

Viewers of NHWWW first got a taste of what NC recording artist Chox-Mak is cooking up with the release of the acclaimed Death By Design mixtape this past November.  Since then the “Jax City Guerrilla” has been on the lyrical warpath releasing track after track with manager DJ YRS Jerzy at his side.  We have been lucky enough to get a chance to speak with Chox and get an understanding of where he is coming from and what is on deck.


Since late last year we have been hearing your name a lot.  I know we are not the only site that is posting your music and keeping an eye on your progress.  How does it feel to get all of the attention you have garnered with your recent musical accomplishments?

Its crazy!! I think about how far I’ve come in this game in such a short time and its like living a dream.  Just like in most industries most don’t see the grind and the big things in the works for the future.  I just know its blessings from God and its humbling because I know I still have a ways to go before I get to the position in the underground or mainstream.


The onslaught you have been on with DJ YRS Jerzy is definitely impressive.  How did the two of you link up?

We both work with the website Hip-Hop Vibe.  The owner suggested me and Jerzy do some tracks together.  It was jus somthin we both saw in each other immediately that clicked.  And of course every emcee wants his own personal DJ.  I got that a homie, a manager, a promoter and more all in one.  I’m a firm believer that  you meet everybody for a reason.  Nothin less than fate was tied in to our chemistry and even meeting.


There is a lot of great music coming out of the Carolinas right now.  Are there any particular artists from your area that you recognize as having the passion and grind that you do?  In addition, what is it about your hustle that separates yourself from the rest of the pack?

King Mez, Chedda Chapp, Ike Ellis, ATM Qoute, ED.E Ruger, Skyblew, A.V, T. Walker to name a few.  Anybody I left  out it wasn’t intentional.  I don’t think I really separate myself from any one artist that much.  Everybody I named is dope in different and same and has a good following.  I can say my consistency is more than even most emcees in the game.  I believe in a certain philosophy when it comes to makin music “Nothing exceeds like excess” .  I heard Michelle Pfifer say it in Scarface and it stuck with me from there.


I GOTTA KNOW!  What did you think of the “Kendrick Lamar incident?” Do you feel he is justified in calling himself one of the top rhyme slingers in the game, even being bold enough to crown himself the King Of NY?

King of NY no he’s not.  I understand why he said it it was definitely a dope metaphor but I think he went to far sayin he was king of NY.Everything else why not? Hip Hop has lost its competitive edged everybody is cool wit everybody when at the end of the day it’s a competition.  We can be best friends but if u get on a track with me I’m a try my best to take ya head off.  It’s friendly competiton.  Well it was until he said he was King Of NY.


With tracks such as “1995” and the “Flava In Ya Ear” remix, it goes without saying that you definitely came up in the same era as myself and can be considered a hip-hop purist.  Who are some the MCs from back in the day that inspired you to pick up the mic?

Of  course im an 80s baby grew up in the 90s and 2000s so I definitely love the true boom bap hip hop.  I don’t really consider myself a purist just because I don’t stick to just old school hip hop.  I have been slowly makin my transition back but I feel its important to stay relevant if u can.  I consider myself one of the most versatile emcees comin outta NC.  I plan to expand my experiments even further but  you will be hearin a lot more old school hip hop from me before its all said and done.


To follow up with that, what current MCs out there today do you feel capture that essence of remembering where hip hop music came from?

Joey Bad A$$, Action Bronson, Jay Elctronica, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Curren$y off the top of the dome.  I’m sure it’s a few I missed but these are a few that stand out.


While you are on your way to mainstream success, which artists do you inspire to work with when you finally make it to the grand stage?

 Id love to do something with Jadakiss.  I’ve listened to D.Block and the Lox since as long as I can remember.  Jada  always stuck out to me everybody came hard on the joints but it was something bout them Jada bars that really inspired me to start  spittin  more.


What about producers?  You have recently worked with the likes of Dr. G, Young Ced, and Tevflonn, among others.  In your eyes, who is next to take that big leap with you into the limelight?

Id have to say my homie S.Dot Tizzle. Hes like my blood brother and hes a highly underated producer. He produced a joint called “Dope Boiz” featuring A.V. that I recently re dropped and its been doin really good.  His versatility is crazy and he makes it a point not to sound like anybody else.


What big name producers do you aspire to work with once to get there?

Of course you know Premier, Alchemist and , 9th Wonder but a few others, Mike Will Made It, Timbaland, Jus Blaze, Clams Casino, Space Ghost Purp, Scott Storch ,and Dre off the top.


No doubt.  It won’t be long.  We are excited to have you participating in the upcoming World Wide mixtape, what’s on deck in the immediate future for Chox-Mak?

Workin on my 90s mixtape dubbed Cross Colours and Starter Jackets.  Doin some shows more interviews just grindin. The top waits for no man so we go hard everyday no matter how much ground we cover the day before that’s how we stay relevant and that’s how we reach our goals.


Be on the lookout for many more releases as well as an appearance on the upcoming World Wide mixtape from North Carolina’s Chox-Mak as his grind doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.