Q The Question in studio hosting DJ YRS Jerzy’s Mixtape

 It is where the rest of the game is not where Q the Question can be found. Few people in the industry boast his credentials. Q the Question first gained fame, and infamy in some cases, on the internet due to his writing. With an artist on the side, Q the Question soon began pushing Trel Mack and their SKE Records.

This year, Q the Question and Trel Mack decided it was time to stage their comeback, which went well. Q the Question re-established himself in the media, while Trel Mack released his EP, Inspired by Greatness.  Both ventures were successful and led to more opportunities for Q the Question, who is working with DJ YRS Jerzy.

Recently, DJ YRS Jerzy launched his Jerzy’s Evolution mixtape series.  Thinking outside of the box, DJ YRS Jerzy is having the mixtape hosted by label executives, as opposed to simply artists and DJs. Q the Question recently released footage of himself recording his part of the new mixtape.


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