Wesley Pipes Hats – “The Voyage” Vol.1 Featuring Trademark Aaron, Allen Poe, Mr. Infamy and more

An amazing compilation of underground artists presented by an up-and-coming hat brand. The great minds of WesleyPipes Hats brought characters like V.I.B.3., Trademark Aaron, Shaggy Rogers, Mr. Infamy, $wagatha Christie, CoRo, Allen Poe, Tater-Fresh and Fonzarelli. Most of these names have probably got you thinking “Who?”. Exactly! Look out for these cats on this mixtape. This tape is filled with amazing songs that are definitely head nodders. The 2 tracks that stuck out to me were $wagatha Christie’s joint with LMC “Tvlk Dvrty” and Kounsel’s take on “New God Flow”.

I caught up with the founder of WesleyPipes Hats in a Twitterview and asked him a few questions:

Q: As a clothing/hat brand, what made you want to put out a mixtape?

A: “I noticed a good amount of artists were feeling my product. From time to time I would notice WesleyPipes Hats in music videos and such so I decided sponsoring a mixtape would be a good way to cross promote my hats and the artists who dig my product.”

Q: Does music influence/motivate you when designing your hats?

A: “Music definitely motivates me. It helps me get in a groove and bust out designs. My designs are more influenced by culture & everyday life.”

Q: Now to put you on blast! Every song on “The Voyage” is great but is there one song that you find yourself jamming more than others?

A: “That Tater-Fresh joint, that Che Merk joint, the CoRo, The Seann Scene, man, I don’t know. There’s a lot of original bangers on there.”

Q: What’s the word on a Volume 2?

A: If Volume 1 gets 100+ downloads, there will be a Volume 2. We will just have to see. Shout out to all the artists & DJ Jeff C! Without them the mixtape wouldn’t have been possible.

Q: How can an artist get a feature on Volume 2?

A: Follow @WesleyPipesHats on Twitter. We will be tweeting for artists to submit when the time comes.

Grab “The Voyage Vol. 1” for free off DatPiff by clicking the album cover up top and visit http://www.WesleyPipesHats.com for some dope, original lids!


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