Video: Sleep – Orion’s Belt

Cincinnati MC and Fraternity member Sleep’s new video for “Orion’s Belt” captures raw, gritty visuals accompanied by a musical effort of the same nature. On a track produced by ClockworkDJ and filmed by Haze Effects and Rose Tower Films, Sleep graciously relieves listeners of having to go through the pain of hearing another random rapper “kill it”.

Track: Harn SOLO – Talk Show (prod. by DJ Yamin)

Known for his wide range of musical-styles, DJ Yamin presents his latest collaboration “Talk Show” with Harn SOLO. Availble on iTunes, “Talk Show” is set to appear on on Harn SOLO’s upcoming album Another Galaxy. The project features SOLO’s signature progressive sound with DJ Yamin’s scratching and blending mixed throughout.

Track: VALKYRIES – Inward Voyager

Australian act VALKYRIES have been busy working the Adelaide music scene since their formation in early 2013. The group was nominated for a Music SA Award in 2013 and lead vocalist Rachel Cearns was nominated SA Voice of The Year in the AU Awards in 2014. The winner of The A & R Department’s Indie Raw Song, VALKYRIES traveled to Sydney record the single “Inward Voyager”.