Album: BusyBars – 5000! EP

Boston area artist BusyBars has dropped the anxiously awaited 5000! EP. BusyBars uses word heavy rhythmic flow, with word play covering a wide range of thought provoking, honest, fun, and real life topics. Now available on iTunes, the 5000! EP contains well crafted lyrics over a mix of smooth to aggressive beats featuring a wide range of subject matter inside a six track EP.

Track: Klassik – Hi Klass

Milwaukee’s Klassik fuses Hip-Hop and Jazz, along with many other genres, to paint a picture that pays homage to the many legends of generations past. “Hi Klass” is the second single from the Seasons LP coming July 2015 and the first release from the Autum EP, the last of four EPs in the Seasons series coming later this month.